Minimalistic and abstract art

My name is Sarah Kastrup and I am an young artist from Aalborg in Denmark.

I fell in love with the minimalistic art styles many years ago and started practicing how I could bring both life and elegance into my pieces. 

My art is inspired by scandinavian minimalism and and simplicity.

I work with a variation of mediums to create different pieces. My pieces are created from both fluids and solids to symbolize the materials of nature. My artworks in all styles can be seen below.

Customized artworks

Have you fallen in love with one of the sold pieces or one of the techniques I use? Or maybe you have a specific vision in your mind that you want me to bring to life?

If so, I have created the opportunity to easily order a custom piece for your home made especially for you in either the pouring or structure technique.

Regardless of whether you have fallen in love with the dark details or the white and light paintings, I will be able to create the piece you want for your home.

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