Menci Studio

Menci Studio

With a relaunch comes a new name. My old business name Art by Sarah Kastrup was, to be honest, an "on the top of my head name", when I went to register as a business. Therefore, I never really loved the name. 

When I went to London for 6 months I talked a lot to my sister on the phone, and she agreed to help me relaunch my business because I (other than the name) wanted to be more specific with what I was creating and selling. I wrote more on this in my blog post "Launch of a new website!". 

With the relaunch, we found it suitable, that I should have a new and creative name. So, of course, we brainstormed away. 

How the name became Menci Studio

Right away, we knew that we wanted the name to be short and look great. But we also wanted it to be meaningful. We searched for words which meant to create and art but didn't really find anything. Then we were discussing the places we have traveled to and how these places also inspire us as people. One of the trips we came back to was our trip to Bali in Indonesia. Therefore, we searched for words in Indonesian that meant to create or art. We fell upon the word "mencipta" which means to create and compose. We shortened it to Menci and added studio. 

And I'm looking forward to showing you so much more from Menci Studio in the future!


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