It's September! Which means…

It's September! Which means…

...that I just went to have my first real exhibition ever! 

Yesterday my sister and I went to the exhibition location and met the ones in charge of the art community at the company. Then we godt busy, and hung the paintings where we thought they would look great. And when I say we got busy, I actually mean my sister got busy. She hung most of the artworks for me. While I stood and just made sure she hung them in level - perfect teamwork if you ask me hehe. No just kidding.. she was amazing and I'm happy she went with me.

If you want to she more from the exhibition, check out my new reel on instagram where you can get a glimpse of how it looks. 

September also means that I have to start school again really soon. I am starting the next semester at my bachelor's degree on Monday, the 5th of September. It will be super friendly, but it also means that I will have less time to focus on Menci Studio. I will, of course, try to post as much as now and make a lot of new artworks to share with you guys!



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