In love with upcycling!

In love with upcycling!

When I make my artworks I, of course, usually create pieces for you guys on canvases I order, so you’re ensured high quality pieces. However, when an opportunity like this reveals itself I have to take it✨

The background for this artwork is, that Rasmus found this canvas by our building dumpster. As I, he do not like things going to waste, If they are in fine condition. Since he immediately saw its potential, he did not want it to be thrown out.

He, therefore, brought it back to our apartment and I of course knew I had to fix it and make sure, it wouldn’t end as waste. I definitely saw the potential he had seen.

The canvas has some unfilled gaps in the composition I decided to fill out, since it made a more calm overall look. The canvas also had a hole, which has been fixed and now you wouldn't even know it was there. 

To sum up, what I did, I did a little work on the frame and canvas to make sure it was strong and without holes. Then I added more texture to fill the composition and painted it all white.

And voila! 🤌🏼

I love this artwork and I kinda wish Rasmus or I will find something like this again soon 🤞🏼

Hope you liked this little story!


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