Exhibition in September

Exhibition in September

I'm excited to tell you guys that I will be having my first solo exhibition in September! 

Just before leaving to live in London for six months, I arranged with an art society at a large cooperation in Aalborg to have a private exhibition at their facilities. And I'm so excited to have it!

The exhibition will contain 15 pieces of my artworks which I have been working hard on finishing since I came home from England. And now I'm almost done with all of them. 


Unavailable artworks

From September some of my artworks will be marked as sold, even though they might not be. They are simply being held for the exhibition. These are paintings such as "Northern Light", "Running in Waterfalls", "Ages", and "Into the dark deep". At the moment, I'm unsure if I should bring some of the structure paintings, since they showed more interest in the pouring and alcohol ink techniques because of their colours.

Since the exhibition is just as much for the opportunity as with sale on my mind, some pieces will become available after the exhibition's end. 

I'm excited to tell and show you more soon! 


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