Launch of a new website

Launch of a new website

I just launched my new website! And I know that my other website was fine, but here's some reason why I decided to launch a new one.

For a long time, I wanted to find myself as an artist. But when you find creative inspiration in everything and get excited to work with every medium, I found it very hard to find my specific style. 

In the past year, however, I feel like I figured out what made me the happiest to create. Therefore, I decided that all the products that did not fit into this category I had to let go. And honestly - it feels so great to have found my voice. 


Only unique art pieces

Even though I love to draw, it never really felt like it fit into who I wanted to be as an artist. I'm not saying that I won't find a way to have these find their way into your homes. But in the future, I will not be the one to sell these. 

Another reason I wanted to create a new website was to take the step to become more international. I felt that my pieces simply were not seen by all the people that potentially would love to have one because I focused on the Danish market. 

My artworks makes me happy, and I hope that with my new website, a lot more of you can enjoy my pieces.   


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